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Revo is a water sports company. Foiling kite buggies, radical SUPs, foiling surfskis are just a few of the designs floating around the Revo office. Revo is all about rapid development and deployment. They are about doing things differently, learning from failures, listening to feedback and being innovative.

Revo’s unique features

Dreadnought Bow

Downwind paddlers will know the feeling of the brakes coming on when a surfski’s nose plows into the wave ahead. This is normally accompanied by the ski suddenly becoming twitchy as the tail tries to overtake the bow. The dreadnought bow is a way to solve this problem. Let the bow bury and pierce the wave ahead and allow the wave to wash over the bow. It makes for a wetter ride but it also allows for a lighter and smaller bow section. The ski does not slow down and makes it easier to catch the run ahead. See the low dreadnought bow at work in these videos.


Rocker is the banana effect of a ski. The more rocker a ski has the more maneuverable it is but at a speed cost on flat water. The REVO has significant nose and tail rocker but limited rocker under the mid sections. This gives the ski good performance when riding a run or a wash. On flat water, the nose and tail lift clear of the water so the ski is riding only on the flat rockered mid section. This means speed without a loss in agility.


The REVO’s revolutionary elements are not limited to what you can see. The internal structure is equally remarkable. The Revo is an epoxy glass boat with a cross linked PVC core. It use a Carbon ring frame and an innovative layup method meaning the ski has no seam. The result is a light, stiff ski that is incredibly strong, hard wearing and long lasting.

Hard Chines

The Revo has hard chines. These are ridges or rails that run from the cockpit bailers to the tail on either side of the ski. The effect is a virtually flat surface between the rails. The chines channel water onto this flat surface creating lift. With enough speed the Revo will start to plane. The chines give the ski a very different feel from conventional surfskis. See the chines at work in these videos.

Footplate and Pedal Assembly

The carbon foot plate is fully adjustable. It can be moved fore and aft to accommodate paddlers between 7′ and 5.2′. The foot plate angle can also be adjusted to create a really customised fit. The pedals are easily centred using high quality rope cleats, pre stretched spectra steering lines and marker points on the line and cockpit sides.


The cockpit is really comfortable. It is a deep cockpit for added stability. For those who do not like a deep cockpit, each revo comes with 2 hard shell “seats” that fit into the cockpit, enabling you to choose a set up the suits you best. The cockpit hump is low allowing full leg extension and a powerful leg drive.

Tooless quick change rudder system

The rudder system utilizes a wheel instead of a T bar. This gives a very smooth steering feel. Each ski comes with a choice of rudders so you can select the best rudder for the conditions on the day. A simple patented quick release system enables rudders to be switched out in seconds with no tools.

Superlight Rudders

The rudders themselves are super lightweight keeping weight out of the tail of the ski, where it is least wanted. We make use of a patented X shaft system which integrates with the rudder wheel.

The Revo Surfski Models

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